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This blog is about the effects of climate change, the causes that enhance it, and the solutions that need to be act upon. Global Warming is a huge side-effect of climate change that causes a worldwide problem to habitats and crops, as well as its species. My posts will help cover these issues and what we can do to reduce of effects of climate change. 

I will talk about how the climate of our planet is changing and its weather patterns. My posts on climate and global warming will be found on my "Blog" page.

Other posts will include environmental support, advice on dealing with the drastic weather changes, and ways to reduce the effect of global warming. Both my Recycling and Renewable Energy pages are guaranteed to answer important questions that you seek.


Types of climate include tropical, polar, continental, and dry. There are cold regions and warm regions. 

I am interested in many types of climates. In the past, I was always fascinated with the weather, the climate, and how it changes.

That being said, people are certainly concerned about climate change and how global warming worsens it. Therefore, I want to assist awareness of climate change and global warming by writing my posts. Visit my blog page, as I will post new content daily.

NOAA survey launch north of Point Barrow