10 Ways to Save Money By Reducing Climate Change

Updated: Feb 23

Did you know that by protecting the planet that we live on, also helps us save money? Decreasing the effects of climate change and protecting against global warming is the key to saving money. Really! I wish I knew this sooner. Turns out, saving the climate is not only beneficial to the planet, but also can help us save money. What can you do to help the climate and your let finance improve?

I'll let you check out this list of some ideas I came across that will help save a fortune while protecting the planet from global warming and those greenhouse gases that cause it.

Switching to eco-friendly strategies, such as renewable energy, costs way less in the long run, because you are not paying for services that create greenhouse emissions. That being said, I have a list here of many things you can do to save the planet, as well as saving money at the same time.

1. Do not buy paper. Especially if it wasn't recycled beforehand.

The production of paper requires cutting down trees. We need trees to give us oxygen, which makes the Earth sustainable for life. Without trees, life cannot exist. It would be impossible. Also, trees absorb carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, which would very well prevent global warming and reduce climate change.

Paper comes from trees, and we cut too much of them.

Buying paper is costly in the long run. It also costs a lot of money to print paper documents and articles. You must buy a printer, and constantly buy new ink. Lastly, you need paper to use the printer to print documents. Just buying less paper overall will make a difference, especially is more and more people participate. Anyway, it is best just to keep all documents on a computer in an organized file.

2. Unplug appliances when you are done using them.

Saving Energy reduces the number of unnatural gases emitted in our atmosphere.

I would unplug my computer and phone cords if they are charged.

Also unplugging tv cables, printers, scanners, and lamps would save a lot of energy. This in turn, would reduce greenhouse emissions from getting into the air.

3. Buy a reusable water bottle

Drink water from a reusable water bottle or hydro flask. You will save a lot of money because you would no longer need to buy water bottles from the grocery store. Plus, if you do this, you will prevent more litter in the landfill and oceans.

Reusable bottles save the material that creates disposable water bottles. This, in turn, saves money into making them, as well as you are saving money from constant purchases from buying plastic water bottles. Additionally, have a big gulp to fill your beverages at 7-Eleven and Speedway. This also allows a discount off the fountain drinks and frozen Slurpee’s.

4. Buy and install solar panels.

You can have these panel installed on your roof of place them in your backyard. This is a clean, energy-efficient method that saves money on your electric bill.

Place the solar panels in the direction where the sun always shines on this will generate clean energy to power your home for free. Solar panels will not work well on a cloudy day, so be aware of that. Usually, installing them to be directed to the east is the best option.

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5. Install a mini wind turbine on your roof or in your backyard.

Usually, you see wind turbines in large fields. Farms and other large fields have huge wind turbines installed to power nearby homes.

However, for your own individual home, you might want a smaller wind turbine to power your house and gain electricity without too much effort. You can buy micro wind turbines online for a small price.

6. Drive less, Save Gas. Switch Your Transportation Routine.

Instead of driving a car, you can ride a bike to school, or to work or a grocery store. Riding a bike is the most least expensive transportation options.

Most cars run on fuel. You pay to pump gas so you can drive your car, but it releases unhealthy greenhouse gases into the air and atmosphere. Switch to an electric car instead. Limit your use of cars as much as you can, and the climate will thank you.

7. Reusable bags to replace plastic disposable bags.

Plastic disposable bags is one of the most wasted products that gets thrown in the landfills and oceans, emitting greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. I've come to the conclusion that stores buy the plastic bags. That costs money, and that would make the store increase prices on food and other items. That being said, switch to reusable, eco-friendly bags. They are not expensive, and they allow you to have a discount at the grocery store. Plus, you can use them over and over, which is much safer for the climate.

8. Use Energy-Efficient Light bulbs to Lower Your Electric Bill.

Save energy by using energy-efficient bulbs, such as led light bulbs. It doesn't waste energy like the old bulbs we used to have. Also led bulbs do not release emissions in the air. How does Led light save money?

Led Light bulbs help you save money because they are cheaper than the alternative, because they last 50-60 years, and they cost less to buy.

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9. Use Reusable Napkins Instead of Paper Towel.

You will have a lot of money if you stop buying paper towel. Replace paper towels, with a cloth and reusable napkins.

I never use paper towels anymore when I eat. Instead, I use one of my small cloths. So, use reusable napkins or cloths for eating and cleaning, etc.

10. Work from home, use less auto fuel.

Working from home and shopping online will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide from being emitted into our atmosphere. Fortunately, you will not have a need to drive, saving money on gas. Shop online, and you will drive less, not waste gas and money, while protecting the environment.

In Conclusion. You can save money by preventing global warming, thus reducing the effects of climate change, which will help us and our water and food supply become much healthier. Just take these tips to help save you money:

Stop buying paper, unplug appliances when you are done using them, buy a reusable water bottle such as a hydroflask, install solar panels, install a mini wind turbine on your roof or backyard, drive less, use energy-efficient lightbulbs (LED), and use cloths instead of paper towel.

Thank you! I hope you find this article very helpful.

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