Amazing Ways to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Updated: Mar 5

There are 3 eco-friendly ideas that can help clean up the environment. It is called the 3 Rs. It stands for Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. This is how the symbol for recycling was created. The is 3 arrows pointing to each other, which goes around literally in a cycle. The "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" motto is the very definition of recycling. In this post, I would like you to learn what you can do to prevent and reduce waste, in which recycling is so important.

Firstly, we are emitting greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This means that we are breathing in this pollution, called "Air Pollution". We must clean up the environment and prevent further damage to our atmosphere and water. CO2 (carbon dioxide) is amongst the most highly used greenhouse gas to this day. Constantly, CO2 is not only getting into our atmosphere, but also our waters, oceans, lakes, etc. In turn, we see water pollution all around the globe. Recycling or reusing items, such as paper, plastic, and metal, can further reduce the amount of waste we produce.

Here are the three basic Rs to keep in mind…

1. Reduce

We can reduce the amount of waste we make by not buying what we don't actually need. Furthermore, we can reduce waste by using our products. Rather than using disposable water bottles, we can use the reusable stainless steel water bottles. If we all do this, it will reduce more disposable items from being made, producing less waste.

Here is the thing, many plastic water bottles are not recyclable, so limit your use plastic bottles as soon as possible. If not possible, reuse the water bottles instead. You can reuse them more than once. We want to reduce the amount of plastic being produced.

Secondly, various products have more packaging than they actually need. This should lead us to purchase products with minimal packaging. Additionally, if we return plastic bottles, they can get cleaned up and produced into new bottles.

We can reuse plastic bags because you can return them to a store for recycling or reusing. We don't have to throw them away anymore. Plus, returning the plastic bags to stores will help reduce the amount of plastic bags from being made in the first place. This will limit more waste for landfills and oceans. Thus, this will eliminate the microplastics seen in the oceans and our fish.

2. Reuse

Reusing is a benefit to making boxes, containers, bags, vases, etc. Cardboard boxes can be used for delivery or for storage. There are many ways to make and organize cardboard. People reuse toilet paper rolls or paper towels to store things. Tin cans can be used to organize things like pencils, pens, and scissors. Then there is glass, such as glass bottles, containers, and jars. Using more reusable materials will reduce the need to manufacture disposable products.

Things to Reuse:

  • Glass Bottles for decor and flower vases

  • Styrofoam for packaging. If you get a package with Styrofoam in it, you can reuse it for any occasion. You could even use it for packaging and use it for moving.

  • Reusable and recycled bags for shopping. There are of course, bags made of recyclable material that is strong and durable for shopping.

  • Cardboard --- For boxes, shipping, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, etc. You can even reuse toilet paper rolls for diy projects.

  • Tin cans and aluminum cans. For storage, and tin can lids can be used for arts and crafts.

  • Containers -- for plants, jewelry, make-up, etc.

  • Cans of paint -- Turn them into planters or vases.

  • Plastic Bottles as vases or planters

3. Recycle

Lastly, we must recycle. There are various products that are recyclable 100%. This includes paper, cardboard, metal such as tin and aluminum cans and especially plastic if you check your local stores for reusing and recycling plastic bags and bottles.

This is very important task as plastic bags often emit CO2 in the atmosphere, which in turn is heating the planet, causing drought, increasing ocean acidity, and expanding and rising the oceans. Furthermore, you absolutely can recycle plastic bottles by returning them to stores that accept them. Plus, returning each bottle will give you extra money back. Don't forget to stop by a recycling center if you have tons of things that you want to get rid of right away. Then ask them if they recycle certain materials. Remember to clean out the plastic bags so they can be recycled or reused.

Materials to recycle:

  • Glass Bottles

  • Metal--aluminum, tin cans, stainless steel

  • Paper

  • Plastic (sometimes), Plastic bags can be returned to multiple stores.

  • electronics

Sometimes another ‘R’ is considered. It stands for Repurpose, which is basically a subcategory for "reusing". For example, you could use mason jars as storage for anything such as nuts and grains and other dried snacks. Also, repurposing tin-can lids for wall decor or chimes. You can even make chimes out of bottle caps or use them to make a Christmas ornament. This concept comes from the second ‘R’, reuse.

The three ‘Rs’ are the 3 basic concepts to keep in mind and we need to act on them today to heal the Earth’s climate and atmosphere. This guide will help to prevent future material from becoming waste, thus it will help us to keep our land and water clean.

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