Climate Change Might Cause Our Extinction

Updated: Mar 2

The effects of global warming are becoming more severe. We know that CO2 (carbon dioxide) is the main cause, and we are the ones releasing it into the atmosphere. Because of this, unusual weather patterns and natural disasters are soon going to get much worse. Therefore, by the year 2030, we need to stop emitting carbon into the air because not limiting it will rise the global temperature to dangerous levels. This article will state the average global temperatures and how it will impact the human species. This post will also list some ideas to stop global warming, as it is crucial to our survival.

It has been proven that the effects of global warming are harming the planet. It is causing rapid changes across the globe.

The air is lowering to unhealthy levels, pollution in the water is increasing, and some species are dying off. In addition, our food supply is becoming low, and vegetation is getting difficult to form. We rely on food and water to live, and human survival will get difficult because of the dying species and vegetation. Consequently, the UN predicts that approximately 1.8 billion people will be affected by water scarcity, meaning we won't have access to fresh and clean water. Hence, we must act now to completely reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases if we want to stop the effects of climate change.

Since 1880, the average global temperature has increased 1.1 degree Celsius. That means it increased to 1.9 degree Fahrenheit. From 1975, its temperature was about 0.15 to 0.20°C every 10 years. However, it the global temperature reaches 2°C, by 2100, we'll be in huge trouble. Our climate would be impossible for our survival.

According to the Earth Observatory at NASA, it took only one or two degrees to create the ice age in the past. So, the Earth Average Temperature needs to remain balanced, or it will become an issue. The global temperature relies on the amount of energy of the sun and how it releases to space. When the average global temperature increases by 1 degree, it takes an enormous amount of heat to heat all Earth's atmosphere, land, and oceans. We must keep the average temperature below 2 degrees Celsius before 2030, or our species could become extinct.

As carbon emissions are continuously released into our atmosphere, the global temperature will complicate human survival. Then, our own species will eventually become extinct. The air quality is making it hard to breathe for some people. What's more is that diseases will spread more easily. Not only sea creatures and other small animals, but the human species could become extinct as well. Thus, world leaders should listen to scientists and act accordingly because climate change and global warming will become irreversible within a few years. Even petroleum hydrocarbons in the air is affecting our central nervous system. The effects of man-made greenhouse gases is already causing too many problems for us.

The climate is getting hotter and drier. Additionally, the water is expanding and rising because the water is getting too warm. This then causes more flooding. Hence, crops and plants cannot grow well in these conditions.

Moreover, global warming is causing the global temperature to rise much higher. And with ozone pollution, high temperatures are causing issues with people's hearts. Because of all the heatwaves, we see more people visiting the hospital for having poor heart conditions. Air pollution plays a large role in climate change. People with asthma are having trouble as well. Some of us who do not have asthma now would then develop asthma and then get asthma attacks. Sometimes, people must stay inside because the air quality is unhealthy for sensitive groups. Eventually, everyone will become part of that sensitive group because the air quality will continue to worsen.

Today, scientists have found that between 2027 and 2042, Earth will be dangerously warm. Global warming will make Earth very dangerous if we cross the threshold of 1.5°C or more. So I see that, not only 2°C is a dangerous temperature, but even over just 1°C is is bad. The average global temperature of 2°C could cause our extinction in the future, possible by the year 2100 or earlier.

The global average temperature is getting higher and higher that it may even cause our extinction in 100 years. Most scientist predict our extinction by 2100. What are we going to do about it?

Most sources say that humans could be extinct in 100 years, and some say thousands of years.

However, the rate climate change has affected Earth tells me that humans could become extinct by the end of this century. With all the heat and the damaging of our food and water supply is devastating. 100 years or so seems about right.

Unless we do something to prevent extinction and other disasters, we are doomed.

I put together lists of sources that release CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and what we need to do to end it. Man-made gases are causing the global temperature to increase and effects of climate change. Once you read these lists, you will have a better idea what needs to be done to stop it.

What releases greenhouse gases into the air, such as CO2 are as follows:

  • Cars and Other Transportation (gasoline; fuel),

  • Electricity production, which uses coal and natural gas

  • Industrial and manufacturing,

  • Heating of the homes and buildings--- which is why we need to switch to clean, energy-efficient methods.

  • Cutting down trees - We need to grow trees to rid CO2 from the atmosphere.

What can we do to prevent further effects of global warming and climate change?

  • Plant more trees. We need to plant 1 trillion trees to stop global warming.

  • STOP cutting down trees.

  • Pick a better mode of transportation Drive cars less. We must stop driving cars that run on gas immediately because it releases too much CO2. Walk or ride a bike instead.

  • Switch to Clean Energy, such as Renewable Energy.

  • Buy energy-efficient appliances for a refrigerator, washing machine, and clean-energy heating and cooling.

  • Reduce wasting your water by taking shorter showers, turning the water off sooner, and not leaving it on when you are not exactly using it.

  • Unplug lamps, computers, etc, when you are not using it.

  • Make electric cars affordable to everyone.

  • Stores need to completely stop offering plastic bags. Immediately take it away from checkout. Too much plastic bags are landing into the landfill, and into the oceans. Sea animals often get stuck or choke on plastic waste. Some even consume it by accident.

What manufacturers, engineers, and government should be working on:

  • Reporting on Climate Change all over the news more frequently.

  • Creating energy-efficient airlines.

  • Energy-efficient buildings.

  • Reducing the use of oil

  • Stop manufacturing of plastic bags and other non-recyclable material. They emit a ton of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere.

If we all stop emitting greenhouses gases such as CO2, we can prevent future disasters and extinction---- even our own extinction. The top most important other than reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere is to plant more trees. After reading this article, I hope you understand how important it is to stop the effects of climate change and global warming. Each and every one of us needs to step up to the plate. We need to do something now. Our future depends on it.

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