Cool Yourself at Home Without the Use of Air Conditioning

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Date of Post: 10/16/2021

Climate Change is a huge problem when it comes to global warming. Lately, the weather has either had long periods of heavy rain or long periods of hot and dry weather. I have seen the grass and plants becoming dry as a result. It is disturbing to realize the cause of it. In addition, even my area has had some poor air quality lately and that affects my asthma. Unfortunately, my asthma acts up on hot, humid days.

The heat can get pretty bad and sometimes my power will nearly go out because everyone, including myself has their air conditioning on. I get hot easily and it makes me uncomfortable. So, I always prefer the air conditioning to be on. However, it is costing a ton of money.

There are habits you can take to keep your home and yourself cool. But what if you want to save money on air conditioning?

Here is a special tip from me :

The best way to cool off without turning on the air conditioner is to close all blinds and curtains, so the sun does not reflect warmth inside, overheating the house on a very hot day. Also, I would put on light clothing, and go in the basement.

Wearing comfortable clothes, in my opinion, is completely beneficial when I am hot and uncomfortable. I dress anyway I like when I stay at home for the rest of the day. In addition, when the days get cooler, I keep my windows open all day long and night to cool off my bedroom. I also have my fan on so I can stay cool. This way I can guide all the hot air to outside. Finally, I prevent heat stroke by avoiding any yard work in high temperatures, combined with humid or sunny conditions. I wait for a cooler, non-rainy day. I put cold water in the fridge for an hour or two before I drink it.

To break this all down, I put a list of ways to keep yourself cool along with your home:

1. Wear lightweight clothing, including cotton tank tops, and comfortable exercise shorts.

2. Turn on the ceiling fan while having nearby windows open, instead of air conditioning being on.

3. Put a bowl filled with ice and put it on the floor with a towel down. Then place it on the floor centered near or under the fan

(This will blow cool air around). If you sit in a room, you can put the bowl of iced on the floor between you and the fan.

4. Wait for a cooler day to do yard work and gardening.

5. Take a shower; Wash your face.

6. Make sure to exercise here and there because the more weight you gain, the longer it takes for you to lose weight. Being overweight makes you hotter. I been there a few times, even now, so i know how it feels.

7. One of the best tips: If you have a basement, cool off down there. Basements are cooler in general because heat rises. I have a walk-out basement. It is always cooler in there. I stay down there the whole time at home when it is hot out.

8. Put up your awning or shade. I usually put up my awning up when it is hot outside, except for when it is windy.

Just putting up an awning can help a little bit.

9. Put a wet or cold towel behind your neck. When I do yard work, I put a clean towel in the freezer from the previous day, then I take it out and put water on it to put it on my neck. The neck is the quickest cooling point on your body other than your wrists and feet.

10. Take off your socks. Feet is one of the main cooling points of your body.

I hope all of these tips will help you get through the heated days. Good Luck!

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