Quick Tips to Prepare You for the Winter Storm

Updated: Feb 14

These tips can help you be ready for a winter storm. Winter is a cold season, with extremely low temperatures with winter snowstorms. Winter weather can be quite nasty. Some states already have had wind chills and blizzards, along with other severe winter storms. A winter storm can get pretty bad with dangerous road conditions, which can be hazardous to drivers on the road.

For instance, my state has already gotten their winter-storm warning. My Radar app does a good job on notifying me how the roads are going to be. It has been recently noted that “Unplowed roads are likely to become impassable” and that traveling during these conditions may become difficult to impossible. Towards the end of this post, I listed some ideas to help your winter struggles.

Some states are also getting ice storms, freezing fog, and wind chills. Also, some states are getting high winds. Combine that in a winter storm might cause power outages.

This list is a guide on what you need to keep warm and safe during a winter storm.

First, don't you think the freezing cold temperatures the winter season gives us is super frustrating? The cold temperatures can cause severe winter storms, ice storms, and awful wind-chills. Hundred to thousand people experience power outages as a result. This leaves them without food and water, not to mention a cold house.

Additionally, cars can break down and their batteries die. Many people cannot start their cars. Also, snowstorms can lead people to be stuck for days in their cars. That being said, take a look at this guide that helps you to be prepared for times like these.

This list shows you what you may want in your car during a winter storm:

· Extra pair of gloves- wool or leather.

· Sweater- wool is best

· Another Scarf

· Winter hat

· Extra socks- wool or other warm fabric

· Blanket- any warm material, such as wool

· Shovel-in case you get stuck somewhere.

· Ice-scrapper

· Pocket knife

· Rope to pull your car out of the snow.

· First Aid Kit

· Radio

· Phone Chargers, Battery Chargers, etc.

· I recommend 4-wheel drive-- this is best for driving on the snow.

· According to the National Weather Service: Place a flashlight, some food, and water in your car in case of emergency.

· In addition, make sure you have heat in your car that works. Also get a full tank of gas ahead of a storm.

Here is a list of what you might want prepared at home for winter:

  • Heated mattress for your bed.

  • Warm Blankets

  • Fireplace- so, make sure you have enough wood and have a Firestarter.

  • Snow Boots- need winter boots that are warm and waterproof.

  • Make sure the heater is working. Check all other household appliances.

  • Seal holes in the edges of windows, doors, etc.

  • Check the gutters, septic-pump, and roof.

  • Buy a Dish Heater to heat a cold room. Recommended: Comfort Zone Oscillating Parabolic Dish Heater.

  • Backup Generator (in case the power goes out)

  • Flashlights

  • Candles

  • Hot chocolate

  • Wool Jackets

  • Wool Clothing

  • Sweaters, Turtle-necks, Sweatpants.

  • Long-johns. These keep you extra warm.

  • Variety of Thick or long socks.

  • Batteries

To keep yourself warm, these are some of my recommended products you may want to have this winter:

· Hand Warmers: Little Hotties 8-Hour Hand Warmers

· Heated Disk: Comfort Zone Oscillating Parabolic Dish (you can get this at Costco or online from Amazon)

· Space heater: Top Heat Portable Space Heater or the Lifesmart 8-Element Infrared Electric Portable Heater with Remote Control.

· Gloves: Leather and soft inside, or wool mittens. Try these gloves: Carhartt Men's W.B. Waterproof Breathable Insulated Glove.

· Heated Glove: Black Diamond Solano

Now, this is important. Snowfall means it's time to go out and shovel the snow. These tips show how to shovel correctly without hurting yourself.

  • Do some warm-ups before shoveling snow.

  • Bend with your knees and use your legs to lift the snow.

  • Along with that, you should keep your legs apart, with your back straight.

  • Bending at the waist should be avoided.

  • Make sure your arms close to your body when you move to where you want to drop the snow off.

  • You should be gathering little amounts of snow into the shovel instead of heavy snow or a bunch all at once. Do a little bit at a time.

  • You must not have your arms stretched out when holding a shovel full of snow.

  • Overexertion can give you a heart attack because you are putting pressure on the heart.

When you're holding too much snow in your shovel and your arms are stretched out, you put too much pressure on your spine. Do not overexert, meaning do not overwork.

As mentioned, take breaks in between shoveling. Overexerting can give a lot of pressure on your heart and cause a heart attack. You must dress in layers to keep yourself warm and wear your winter gloves. It can get very cold, and you do not want to get frostbite. Also, you will want to dress warm to prevent hyperthermia when out shoveling in the cold.

To sum it up, stay inside and make sure you are prepared for a harsh winter season. This guide is to help you get through winter storms.

All in all, I hope you found this guide helpful. Stay warm!

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