Remarkable Ways to Reduce and Reuse

Updated: Feb 13

There are plenty of ways to reuse and reduce waste. In fact, some use creativity reusing some items. People may reuse things for art projects, organization tools, and replacing disposable waste, such as reusing a bag, or a stainless steel water bottle. I have compiled the following list of ideas for reducing waste and reusing products.

Tin Can Lids-- Become an artist by making your tin can lids into art. If you look up tin can art online, there is many ideas you can come up with. An example would be Wall art made of creatively designed tin cans. You can even polish and paint them, sand them, and put them in a frame. Or create figures out of them.

  • Use old cans to organize your utensils, such as pencils, pens, colored pencils, highlighters, and scissors. You can also use old cups and jars, whether they are plastic or metal.

  • Buy or make reusable paper towels. A good alternative to paper towels is a reusable paper towel called Lola's Wowables Reusable Paper Towels, which are made of wood pulp and natural chemical-free cotton. Some reusable paper towels can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

  • Have a reusable water bottle, such as a hydroflask. I have a neat hydroflask to drink water from called the ThermoFlask. It really helps to eliminate all the water bottles that are thrown in landfills and oceans.

  • Less Packaged Products: Look for merchandise that does not use too much packaging. This will lower waste and beneficially reduces the costs. The less a product is packaged, the less we will litter into the streets, landfills, and oceans. Therefore, the less the packaging material is manufactured, the better the environment will be. Some products are being packaged with extra layers which are sometimes very unnecessary.

  • Maintain the tires of your car, so it does not need replacing so soon. Tires cause global warming as well because they are made of harmful fossil fuels that make the rubber on the tires. They also produce acid smoke when tires catch on fire, which is dangerous to humans, as well as it is harmful to the environment.

So, the less you need to replace them, the less tires are being created using fossil fuels. Make sure you maintain your tires on a regular basis to prevent them from getting bad.

  • If using a pencil, you might want to write lightly just in case you must erase all the time, so you do not have to throw the paper out. The Less paper wasted; the less likely trees will be cut down.

Pencils may be more environmentally-friendly, considering the number of pens being thrown out, however I will note of eco-friendly pens.

  • Eco-friendly Pens are expensive, but a good investment. You do not have to continuously buy pens through your lifetime, because you have an ink bottle to fill your pen when the ink runs out. You can keep this pen for years or even a whole lifetime. Just do not lose it. The Zenzoi Bamboo Fountain Pen Set found at Amazon is among the most eco-friendly as it comes as a calligraphy set and an ink refill converter to refill your ink in a bottle. Also, the pen and the case it comes in is made of bamboo.

  • Reusable Straws. This includes straws made out of metal, silicon, and bamboo, and other compostable straws.

The best creator of compostable products that are mainly made of bamboo is called "NATUREZ WAY". This company is dedicated to creating products without the use of disposable waste. Their mission is to create eco-friendly choices for their customers.

They are definitely true to their word. Their make it clear that their goal is to be proactive, by creating environmentally-friendly products and sustainable eco-friendly future. They make paper towel, tissue paper, and toilet paper out of compostable recyclable materials. They even create eating utensils out of bamboo, as well as straws, plates, and bowls. Even more, they create environmentally-friendly trash bags, and for picking up after a dog's mess. This is all so brilliant. Check out their website...

Hopefully this will give you some ideas and insight. I will update once I found more clever ways to reduce, recycle, and repurpose things. Do you have any ideas that I can put on this blog post? Let me know in the comments. Thank you!

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