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Updated: Apr 8

It is nice to carry a cute purse everywhere you go, whether you go to the mall, shop at chain stores, or eat out, etc. The creation of many purses uses various materials while making their items. Unfortunately, some purses are made of disposable material. It's a relief that some designers are so eco-friendly when they create their bags and purses out of eco-friendly or recycled material. I will list all my favorite brands that sell purses and bags, which I will recommend so you become even more eco-friendly. I will save the best of the best for last.

Some materials used to create bags and purses include polyester, nylon, canvas, cotton, and leather. The most environmentally friendly materials to create purses and bags include non-woven polypropylene (PP), canvas, natural fibres, jute, recycled cotton, and other sustainable and recycled materials.

Here are the most sustainable brands that create bags and purses:

  1. Hedgren

  2. Bellroy

  3. Vera Bradley

  4. Gucci

  5. Baggu

  6. Lovevook

  7. Dasein

  8. Gunas

  9. Louis Vuitton


These bags and purses are made of recycled material. They use nylon fabric made from the flakes of plastic bottles. These flakes are then melted and used to create nylon. In addition, they even use eco-friendly packaging and stuffing of the bags. How sustainable can they get? Their hand-tags, straps, and PE bags are all made of recycled material. This is a brand for both men and women. Hedgren designs tote bags, crossbody bags, hobo bags, briefcases, backpacks, and more.

* This Hedgren shoulder bag is made out of recycled materials!


This brand is committed to keeping plastics out of landfills by using recycled woven fabrics. Their leather is created with a tanning process, which many sustainable companies use to create purses. Items they create include sling bags, totes, wallets, backpacks, pouches, duffles, etc. Bellroy is another company that designs products for both men and women.

Vera Bradley

One of my top favorite brands is Vera Bradley. They create their bags and purses out of cotton and fabric. Other than polyester, most of their products are made of 100% recycled cotton.

There is a variety of patterns to choose from and each product is carefully stitched with a specific diamond pattern and Vera Bradley's logo and signature is always inside the bag. Vera Bradley is a highly recognized and popular brand today.


Gucci purses and bags are made out of recycled, organic, and sustainable materials. Such eco-friendly materials include organic cotton, recycled steel, regenerated nylon, and other recycled material. Additionally, this brand developed its own plant-based leather. It is a very popular and fashionable brand that environmental lovers would love to have.


Baggu creates bags that you can use for grocery shopping. You can also fold these bags into pouches. Baggu makes their bags so strong, that it can even hold 2-4 more weight of groceries than the usual plastic grocery bag. Baggu bags are reusable and you can machine-wash them on cold.


Their purses and bags are made of eco-friendly, vegan leather. So this brand helps keep waste out of land and oceans. They create lovely handbags, shoulder bags, messenger bags, and more neat things.


They make wonderful eco-friendly handbags that are made of non-animal cruelty material. This is another good pick if you are looking for a sustainable purse or bag.

Their bags and purses are 100% vegan leather. That is outstanding! Who heard of a leather that is animal cruelty-free. No animals were harmed in the making of these products. Their bags are teare resistant and are anti-scratch. The Dasein brand for sure creates the best quality bags and purses.


This brand is cruelty-free, vegan, and high in fashion. In 2018, this company found a better eco-friendly material that is an alternative to plastic and that is made from the Mulberry plant leaf pulp. The material is called Mulbex, which is 100% plastic-free. Read more about the making of Mulbex...

Gunas bags and purses are free of leather, fur, and any other animal products.

Louis Vuitton

This is one of the most popular and sought-after brands on the market. It is turning into a more sustainable brand. They are eager to create their bags from re-used, recycled, bio-based, and upcycled materials.

Since 2020, 100% of wool has been considered for their products, which has been seen in their Men's Fall Winter 2020 Collection. This is a start. However, to be the top of the sustainability brands, they need to do more to prevent non-sustainable methods in creating their products.

* Now, here is the most favorable brand you may want to buy from, whether its purses or clothing.....

Amour Vert

Amour Vert is the french word for "Green Love". This company is entirely committed to staying green. They are known to be the "Original Sustainable Brand", and for a good reason. They don't just sell purses and bags, but clothing too. What's even more interesting of this brand is that they have sustainable packaging, including strong compostable bagging AND their ink is soy-based. Being eco-friendly is completely normal to them, which makes them the best brand to exist. This makes Amour Vert among the best sustainable brand out there. I never heard about them until the day I wrote this post, and I am proud to mention them. If you want to be environmentally friendly and reduce your carbon footprint, I highly recommend this brand, Amour Vert.

Their website is here...

It is best to buy from brands that are committed to creating products out of sustainable, eco-friendly material. It is also important for designers to create purses and bags in a eco-friendly manner, without animal cruelty. Vera Bradley and Gunas uses recycled cotton for their bags. Along with those brands, Hedgren, Gucci, and Bellroy are on top of the sustainable designers today. Hopefully, more designers will make their products with sustainable practices soon.

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